Is Robert Pattinson Grungy Enough to Play Kurt Cobain?

There’s been a lot of jokes told about Robert Pattison’s bathing habits. Mostly centering on the idea that he doesn’t always seem to have them. It’s generally all in good fun and let’s face it, the dude can look pretty grungy.

So maybe that’s why Courtney Love wants to tap him to play her late husband Kurt Cobain in a rumored biopic about the Nirvana frontman.

Okay, so, I’m not totally against this, but to be honest this is a little bit creepy. And I will tell you why: in January of last year there were rumors that Love was trying to hook RPatz up with her daughter, Francis Bean Cobain. According to a source “Courtney thinks he’s charming and handsome and absolutely has to be Frances’s first date. She’s doing everything she can to engineer another meeting.”

Soooo…you wanted this guy to date your daughter. And you think he’s charming and handsome and want him to play your dead husband. Courtney, seriously, I think you are an awesome musician and I am eagerly awaiting Hole’s new album (titled Nobody’s Daughter and coming out later this month, actually!), but…you don’t see this as just a tiny bit creepy? I mean, okay, maybe the whole idea is to get Robert on set and get him and Francis Bean to talk, but you don’t think there might be something a little bit fucked up about your daughter dating a guy who just played her dead father? And, um, would LOOK like her father on set?

Love would also like Scarlett Johansson to play her in the film and wants David Fincher of Fight Club and Se7en to direct.

Sounds like, if nothing else, this would be an interesting project, right?