Daily Music Dose – Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles is basically what happens when you throw pixie dust on a synthesizer and roll around in a pile a glitter after you have slid down a rainbow. This magical duo from Canadia land (also known as America’s Hat), has been making some pretty SRS BSNS musics for only a few years but they rock like pros.

The duo became known by posting stuff on MySpace and kind of blew up on the internet. They spread about the world by word of mouth. They are the band that you love or hate.

Here are two pictures of Alice Glass that I took at Coachella 2009:

If you don’t like these photos, Alice will probably step on your head with her thick sole combat boots and offer you no apologies.

They have one album out and another on the way (WHICH HAS LEAKED ALREADY AND IT’S AMAZING). The name of both the albums is Crystal Castles. How’s that for a mind-fork?

Here’s a song from the first album called “Courship Dating” –

Here is a song from the new album called “Celestica” –

Like every band and their momma’s, Crystal Castles has a neat little website that you can visit by going here. Enjoy!