Beauty and the Beholders

I’ve written a bit about Jessica Simpson’s vH1 reality show, The Price of Beauty–and if you’re a fan of that, you should see her spread in the May issue of Marie Claire. She agreed to no make up and no photoshopping and she looks fresh and stunning. Is this the beginning of a revolution?

Jezebel posted some clips of the show’s episode in Uganda where the cast was introduced to a FATTENING HUT. Jezzie commenters debated as to whether sitting in an isolated hut imbibing 5,000 calories a day is just as ‘disordered’ as someone who starves themselves–both standards of beauty being extreme, and hazardous to the woman’s health. It’s an eye-opener to see such a drastically different standard of beauty, regardless.

In other magazine-stepping-stones, French Elle put plus-sized model Tara Lynn on the cover and she’s a jaw-dropper, for sure.

I’m glad that this model is ACTUALLY plus size and not like, you know, a size 6–modeling industry plus size, but NORMAL to the rest of us.

View all the photos from this spread at HuffPo.

What other encouraging things have you seen or read about body image lately? Share ‘dem links!