Mia Wasikowska for Teen Vogue

I’m just come back from the cinema, I’ve just watched “ALICE IN WONDERLAND” and like I thought, this movie has been awesome!!!! Tim Burton & Johnny Depp didn’t disappointed ever!!! Magical atmosphere within’ dream and real world!!! It has been like come back a child!!!

By the way, I searched a couple of informations of this new actress that won the role of Alice, the other candidates were Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfred. I found this fantastic shoot for Teen Vogue of February

I think that in her simplycity she’s pretty cool!!!! I love so much this shoot and the outfit too! And short hair rends her more mature! I like this haircute, remind me about 7 years ago, I was the same haircut!

Have you already watched the movie? Did you liked it?

Thoughts about this shoot and about Mia?