My Chemical Romance Cancel Australian Tour

Ruh-roh Aussie MCR fans–Frank Iero posted some sour news on their official site just now.

I got some good news and I got some bad news….while in the studio recently, Gerard started having some problems with his voice. At first we weren’t too concerned about it and thought it would pass, as these things usually do, but the longer it went on the more worried we all got so he went to see the doctor. The good news is he’s getting the best treatment possible and is going to make a full recovery, trust me we couldn’t be more relieved. The bad news is it’s not gonna go away overnight and we have to do what we hate doing most, cancel shows. […]

P.S. Please send all angry letters to:

Gerard Way’s Throat 666 Coffee and Cigarettes Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90069

Read the full announcement here.

Jimmy Eat World will be their replacement headliner at Soundwave.

Sorry dudes.