You Go Girls: Lilith Fair to Return for 2010

About two weeks ago, while complaining about the return of plaid to the fashion world, I said to a friend “It’s like they decided ‘hey, the 90’s were cool, let’s bring them back…but without the good music or pushing for social change. So…plaid’s pretty much all we’ve got left.'”

Apparently the world decided that it would, for once, humor me. Because Lilith Fair, the all women’s music festival, will return in 2010.

Founded by Sarah McLachlan, the festival ran from 1997 to 1999 and was marked by it’s dedication to women in music. Acts such as Tegan and Sarah, Queen Latifah, Christina Aguilera, The Dixie Chickss, Sheryl Crow and McLachlan herself played the festival’s stages. Lilith was one of the high grossing tours in the world and brought in an impressive amount of money for local charities.

So far, the new Lilith site has announced the first round of cities and has promised more in the future, as well as announcing bands and artists to be featured on the tour. You can also follow the Lillith Fair Twitter, @lilithfair.

Could this mean the women’s revolution in music is finally coming back? Or is a decade later a decade too late for Lilith to help women re-establish their place in the music world?