Declaring Bella and Edward’s Date Anthem

Master music manipulator Girl Talk (aka Greg Gillis) was a main act at San Diego Street Scene this past weekend, but he spared a few moments to chat with Buzznet about music, movies and pop culture. He is man of varied interests, that’s for sure… but is he poker-facing us, or does he really like Mariah Carey and the Twilight series?

You have to hand it to the guy for being for being open to multiple genres–in truth, that’s what makes his music so astonishingly cool. He seems to successfully manage to absorb a confetti-spattering of pop-culture topics without letting any personal bias or judgement of coolness come into play.

Case in point: During the interview, Gillis claimed he “got back into books via Twilight and is mid-way through New Moon.”

When asked what song Bella and Edward should call their own, the artist said they deserved more than just a single song–he named an album and two theatric soundtracks to be their “date anthem.” Think you can guess which ones? Try, and then go watch the video to find out.