Buzznet, I Require Your Aid

So, after my Lady Gaga post yesterday, I have been inspired.

Don’t worry, this does not involve me declaring I shall never wear pants again.

Instead, I am looking to do a project called “The Faces of Feminism.” The idea is simple: I want to get a decent number of Buzznet feminists to fill out a short survey about themselves, their lives and their beliefs along with a picture of their face. I will combine this into a gallery in order to show that, while we’re all occasionally very different, we all share the idea of equality.

If you are interested, leave me a comment in this post. I will contact you with the short survey within the next week (hopefully) and once you’ve done that I’ll send you info on where to send your picture.

I want the world, or at least Buzznet, to see that being a feminist knows no age, race, gender, weight, economic status, sexual orientation, genre of music, style of dress, future plans, or any other myriad of things.

It’s about equality.