Tattoo Regrets: 56 Stars On Her Face

Belgian teen Kimberley Vlaeminck walked out of a tattoo parlor with 56 stars inked on her face. She said she only wanted 3, but that she fell asleep and didn’t wake up until she felt her nose being tattooed.

The tattoo artist stands firm that she agreed to every last one of them and that the trouble started when her father saw this artwork. She’s suing.

See her face here.

Can we discuss this for a moment?

How does one FALL ASLEEP while someone is POKING YOUR FACE with a needle? From my undetstanding, you’re not even allowed to take any kind of painkiller before getting tatted up, because your blood won’t clot properly. So how did this chick simply doze off?

She couldn’t stay awake for the time it took to complete THREE stars? But she just happened to stir from that beauteous slumber when star #56 was arriving on her beak?

Look, mistakes happen. Even the seemingly flawless Johnny Depp has to confess a burgeoning love for Wine (“Wino Forever”) for the rest of his life, thanks to his relationship with future shoplifter Winona Ryder.


If there were a Law & Order: Trivial But Amusing Cases, this ish would make for a golden episode.

Final thought: Would lasering 53 stars off her face even be advisable?

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