hi life, i love you.

Here are some pictures from the genlux magazine event I went to on Saturday. It was a fun,and I love Genlux magazine-they are so fresh & high fashion. [I made the dress I’m wearing! It was from my spring/summer collection and it is a white silk dress that ties in the back. Kinda silly because I NEVER wore it! lol I guess I was just waiting for the perfect thing to wear it to!]

EEE! and i also dyed my hair ALL ONE COLOR!! yayyy, i was soo sick of the blonde parts. YAYYAYY for all brown hair.lol.

This week has been SO busy for meee! It feels like im doing a million things lol :]]

I’m working on finishing my street wear line-I have tanks and hoodies and Tshirts and they can be worn from day to day. They are SO comfy and you can layer with them =] I’m SO excited to get all the pieces done! I’m also planning a photo shoot for THIS weekend to photograph the new line and create my look book! I’m working with an amazing team of models,hair and makeup and the photographer has a gorgeous studio! So the shoot should be soo much funnn. =]]

I’m also working on getting all my pieces up on shopflick it’s a site that sells my clothing. They are such a cool website because you can go on there and watch little video clips of the clothing you want to buy! SO it takes online shopping to a new level! LOL

AND! doing some fun fashion segments with shopflick and it will involve dressing some celebs, I can’t wait to share it with you all!!


here is the butterfly hoodie from my streetwear collection:

the hoddie is GRAY but the butterfly comes in TAN-RED and BLACK

tomorrow during the DAY I’m going to work on my new spring/summer collection! &&&&work on the collection on doing for Fred Segal

tomorrow night I’m going to an event for a new music artist & I have NO idea what im going to wear yettt! Haha I never know until the last minute. I seem to always change my outfit at least 3 times before I walk out the door. Whatever-it’ll come to me 😀 lol

oooh-and here is a picture from when i shot the fashion segments i told you about! it was SUCH a funnn dayyy 😀 got to shoot at my studio the entire day with my best friend morgan<3333

I have been working pretty much NON STOP!! I might take a few days off and go out of townnn! vegas maybee? I neeed to get away for a bittt,tehe.

YAYY! Hope you are ALL having a gorgeous week so farrr<33


Jazmin Whitley