Gossip Girl Season 2 Finale

The Upper East Siders got their graduation on last night, but it was not without a bit of superficial turmoil.

Aside from leaving their gossip-breeding nest known as High School, there’s also the ever-important issue of coronation (by jewel-encrusted headband) as current Queen B can’t reign over the new class of seniors from NYU. Basically, it’s some new random richie-rich transfer student in blue tights vs. Little J with blood red lips and shaggy bangs.

First point of discussion: Is S wearing her tassle like a hair extension? She can do that? I kind of wish I had thought of that, hats always wreck havoc on my head. Then again, my mom isn’t Lily Bass.

As they’re about to be recognized, GG sends a blast with her superlatives:

Chuck Bass – Coward

Blair – Weakling

Nate – Whore

Dan – The ultimate insider

Serena – Irrelevant


Serena wants to take GG down, they text “her” a tip and find out she’s a HE. Gossip girl is Jonathan, Eric’s boyfriend. Only no. He just hacked into GG’s server and now he gets every message she gets. Saucy.

Blair and Chuck are about to confess their love to eachother for the 88th time and then GG drops every bomb she’s ever gotten. Blair keeping it in the Bass family on new years. Racy photos of little J. Dan sleeping with teacher. Chuck getting it on with V… did I forget anything?

Blair is like, “eff that weakling bs, Imma get brave,” but Bass burns her. Of course. GAH. They are exhausting.

Rufus proposes to Lily! She says yes!

Blair has a heart ot heart with little J and deems her the queen.

GG pulls one over on all of them and gets them all to meet… without showing, of course. Despite the season being renewed for another season, I was on the edge of my seat thinking we’d find out the trick behind all the trashtalk. Oh well.

Nate reups the backpacking offer with V, because the Mayor or whoever he was interning for made a pass at him. And, you know, his days of whoring are over.

Rufus and Lily’s lovechild appears!!!

Georgina takes down Poppy and requests Blair as her roommate at NYU.


*confetti* *balloons* *a parade*

What’d you think of the finale? What do you think is going to make the most interesting storyline next season?