style tips!! [picture blog]

HEY LOVES! I got insipred to share some fun fashion tips with you because I’m shooting some FASHION HOW TO segments on Monday! I’m just going to list a bunch of tips and show pictures of what I’m talking about! I’ll be using photos of MODELS, FRIENDS,CELEBS,and ME! The best fashion tip is to stay true to yourself! Here are some Do’s and Don’t for yours truly,Jazmin Whitley XOOXO

Do’s && Don’ts

DO: wear a big belt! Wear a big belt to show off your waist and bring shape to a flowy or loose dress. You can also wear a big belt to add a pop of color to your outfit. This is such a great way of using a BIG belt. Hilary looks chic and put together,the big belt is the final touch making the look PERFECT:

DO: Wear lots of GOLD,GOLD,GOLD! I love adding gold to an outfit,it always makes me feel more chic. This summer wear a gold necklace with your swimwear! In my spring/summer 09 collection I put gold buttons on almost everything so it makes it easy to match it up with a gold cluch bag or gold heels!!

the look above is from my summer collection! you can get this look on and also try the nautical top can go from DAY to NIGHT but going from a casual mini skirt to a chic pair of high waisted pants!!


Li Cair halter dress on Hanna Beth [styled with GOLD necklace]

DON’T: wear any dress or outfit that will show of SIDE-BOOB cleavage. IT NEVER looks classy. TURST ME.

don’t wear an outfit or dress that shows off the side boob deal

the side-boob never looks classy

it is not a good thing,trust.

DO: wear a BOW in your hair. It always dresses up your look. You can use it to add a touch of color …or if you just want to be playful & girly! You can make it look high fashion with a big oversized bow,or play it down with a tiny bow! It’s a fun look for this summer because it can hold your bangs back or just pop with a cute sun dress!

the look above is from my fall/winter 09 collection! YAYY LA FASHION WEEK<33

i love this bow! i made it & wore to a model casting I had 🙂
above is a photo of actress Christian Serratos wearing a bow to my LA Fashion week runway show!
MY best friend Morgan & I wearing matching bows I made for my 21st bday party! wooo. (& they’re GOLD!)

DON’T: wear MC hammer pants,flowy pants,whatever you want to call them. Don’t wear them. I’ve seen some on the runway and in photo shoots,I just don’t feel like this trend would flatter anyone. It might look high fashion in some shots but in day to day life,just please STAY AWAYYYY from them 🙂

DO: wear a fun FLORAL print dress! I love floral print for the summer. a Tiny floral print makes for a vintage or old fashion feel. Go for a bigger print if you want sleek night time look.

above is the classic Li Cari floral print baby doll dress.

above is actress Aimee Teegarden wearing a floral print Li Cari dress to a charity event.

and PS -Right now I’m really into dresses with boots. flat boots for day! and then high heel boots for night :] WHAT ARE YOU INTO?? let me know what your fav fashion trend is!

Hope you all have a gorgeous weeekend<3 xoxox designer Jazmin Whitley

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