Matt McGinley Talks New Gym Class Heroes CD

Go ahead, re-read the title of the blog again. No, it’s not a mistake. Even though Gym Class Heroes only released The Quilt last year, drummer Matt McGinley has dropped the news that the band is already thinking about their next release.

In an interview with, Matt explained “It’s half of what we do. Half of it is being on stage and performing and touring and playing to listeners every night, and the other half is being busy writing new material and recording new stuff.” And the band has plenty of places to draw inspiration from right now. Between their whirlwind tour schedule, which included not only the entirity 2008 Warped Tour but now has them opening for L’il Wayne, and their personal lives (guitarist Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo and his girlfriend are going to be parents soon and, apparently, frontman Travis McCoy went through this messy break-up with his girlfriend earlier this year…first I’ve heard of it!) the band has had a wild year.

This time around, though, the band is also trying something different. Possibly taking a cue from label mates Panic at the Disco and Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes will be secluding themselves to try and write their next album. McGinley says “they’ll “just hole ourselves up there for a couple of months and try to write another record. That’s something we never do, so we’ll see how that goes and hopefully it will come out productive and we’ll record something in the early fall.”

But what about The Quilt? Does this mean it’s been abandoned? Not really, the band is still touring and plugging the album. However, they’re not sure if they’ll be releasing another single from it. “I think with this album we didn’t — to the dismay of the record label — set out to write an album full of singles. I think a lot of the songs certainly sound catchy, but I think we wanted the album to reflect our musical personalities first and foremost. So at this point we’re not really pushing any songs as singles but just essentially trying to promote the album as a whole.”

So, what do you guys think about a new GCH CD? What do you hope to hear from it? And were there any songs on The Quilt you’d have liked to see released as singles? Leave your thoughts in the comments!