Who WON’T Be Directing the Umbrella Academy Movie?

A few weeks ago, My Chemical Romance‘s cover of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row” rocked the internet. The song, which will be featured in the upcoming film adaptation of Watchmen, mixes modern pop-punk sounds with Dylan’s classic lyrics. And that Ray Toro guitar solo is pretty damn sweet.

But one member of My Chemical Romance will be thinking about another comic-to-film adaptation while the band works on their new album. Gerard Way will see his comic, The Umbrella Academy, made into a film within the next few years. And while we still don’t have many details, we do have one thing confirmed regarding the director.

Alfonso Cuaron, who directed Children of Men and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, will NOT be directing The Umbrella Academy. As he told MTV.com’s movie blog “I like ‘The Umbrella Academy’ but I’m not associated with it.”

Cuaron was never officially tied to the project, however he was the director Gerard named when asked who he’d like to see helm the production. No word yet on the other names Gerard threw out, including the two Academy Award Winners he’d mentioned: Diablo Cody for the screenplay and Colleen Atwood for the costume design. Also, no casting rumors have started yet. So I think I’ll start one right now: I heard a rumor that Robert Pattinson may be trying to get out of his contract for Eclipse in order to play The Seance in the TUA film adaptation. I have no sources on this because I’m trying to figure out if I share The Rumor’s superpower.

Don’t know what The Rumor’s power is? Then you, my friend, should be reading The Umbrella Academy.