Quivers down my backbone I got the shakes in my thigh bone!

Dear Ladybugs,

It has been a long road but i see the light. Im almost back at work now! When you get really sick it puts your life in prospective. We take so much for granite like our health for instance. I have been reading a lot of books about the power of the mind and positive thinking.. and i can see it helping already. Sometimes we just need that extra push. Enough of me boring you with that.. Tonight is Ashley Paige’s Valentines Day Party. Me and Anna are going to be dressed in pink and red and ready to make spells! Yes spells… love spells. White voodoo i guess you can call it. I have never done it, first time for everything I guess!

I always upload half my shoots here is some random photos I haven’t posted yet.. there just sitting on my desktop haunting me. My new merch accesories are being made into samples right now… i must say very very cute! Next week im shooting the Let Them Eat Cake shirt video. Confetti and vintage mirros, maybe even and old castle.

Everyon needs a gameplan. I have a work one, health one and life one. Lists have become my best friend. Post it notes have taken over my apartment. It has been New York Weather in Hollywood latley so cold and rainy! Oh how i miss it there.. anyone in New York City eat a soft pretzel from the vending carts for me!

Valentines Day is this weekend and all I want is a large fake Tiger sold in the gas station parking lot. For some reason I feel like it is slim to none chance this will happen. I will have to settle for some flowers and chocolate instead.

What are you doing for Valentines day!! I don’t have plans yet, im going to steal yours haha!

Love,Audrey xoxo

P.S what kinda things would you like to see in my merch store??