Kid Rock: Drinking For a Good Cause

I’m willing to bet that after the Grammy Awards last week, Kid Rock did some serious drinking after he went home empty handed despite being nominated in two categories.

Granted, I’m sure if Kid Rock had won both or either of those categories he would have gotten just as drunk. The man does like his booze. Which is probably why he’s creating his own.

Kid Rock (born Robert Richie) is working with the Michigan Brewing Company in Webberville, MI, to create a beer branded with his name. And we’re not just talking “his face is on the bottle and he gets residuals.” According to Bobby Mason, the brewery’s owner, Rock is participating as much as possible in the beer’s creation. “He’s working on designing the beer, he’s giving me direction, he’s tasting the beers…It’s his idea, it’s his concept. I’m just working with him to make it happen.”

The thing is, Kid Rock is making more than just a new beer happen. In this time of economic hardship, he’s also making the economy happen: the Michigan Brewing Company is investing $7 million in the beer project, which will likely lead to the creation of an estimated 394 jobs. The company is receiving a $722,957 tax credit from the Michigan Economic Growth Authority in order to make the Kid Rock beer happen.

The beer should be on the shelves by mid-Spring, though it’s not clear how far the distribution will reach just yet. What’s important is this: for once a celebrity drinking habit is doing something GOOD for the world at large.