Audrey Kitching Fashion Awards staring you!!

Dear Fashionistas,

Everyday when I’m on Buzznet looking around at photos I realize how many of you guys have such a great sense of style. So, Buzznet and I got together and decided to create the “UR Style Rocks” Fashion Awards.

Each week I’m going to be scoping out Buzznet and finding members who have the most fashion foward clothing, hairstyles, accessories and overall looks, and EVERY FRIDAY I will announce the 3 people in the Buzznet community who’s style caught my eye.

The 3 winners will be awarded the coveted “UR Style Rocks” Award and have this adorable lip badge added on their profile for all the world to see.

So pull out your camera and start shooting and uploading some model worthy pics to your Buzznet profile! And maybe you’ll be the next fashionista to receive my kiss of approval.

I’m super excited for this and hope you are too!

Love Your Fashion Police,Audrey xo

P.S who is into this idea? Do you want the badge? Its like my buzzmaker one.. except yours is adorable pink lips!!

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