New Dashboard Confessional Clip ‘Even Now’

Dashboard Confessional‘s solid performance on the recent Rock Band Live tour sort of revived my nostalgic love for acoustic brooding emo-tunes, so when I heard about a new clip, I was pretty optimistic.

“Even Now” is DC’s contribution to the NCIS Soundtrack, which will be available February 10. Before you broach such question as, “Why does NCIS even need a soundtrack?” or “Does anyone even watch that show?” Let us first delve into the lyrics into this little lullaby delivers:

Even now, I can smell your clothes / freshly from the wash, still hot from the dryerEven now, I can smell your skin / As I wrap you in a towel, lay you on the bed

Look, I’m all about hygiene and I am aware of the powerful memory-evoking properties that scent can have. But I’ve listened to this clip a few times and the only thing that comes to mind is this:

Granted, I guess we know what Chris Carrabba looks for in a girl.

What do you think of the song?