Fall Out Boy: Belles of the Inaugural Balls

Last week it was the first glimpse at the Fall Out Boy plush dolls that reminded us the level of success the no-longer-little Wilmette band has achieved. This week? It’s inaugural balls, baby.

Sunday night the FOBs were guests of honor at the Mayor’s ball, who considers himself a fan of the band. Tomorrow night they’ll be rocking Obama’s official Youth Ball, which MTV will be broadcasting in part.

Pete Wentz is getting a bit awestruck. “We’re driving around in bulletproof cars with guys who know mixed martial arts. The 14-year-old version of your former self is like, ‘That’s awesome.’ ”

Man what’s he on? I think that’s cool now, and I am far from 14.

Anyway, he’s definitely stoked to help ring in the new prez. “Obama is scheduled to come through. He could come through at any point. Right in the middle of the Fall Out Boy set, it could be like, ‘Oh yeah, Obama’s here, and he’s gonna talk.’ I can’t think of a better reason for us to stop playing.”

I, personally, think Obama should join the band on stage for a little sing-along. America’s Suitehearts, y/n?