Chasing Shadows……Chapter Twenty-Seven

At seven:

Shannon, Jared and Tomo pull up to Emily and Gabrielle’s apartment.

“Let me give Gab a call and tell her we’re here” Jared says now getting put his cellphone.

He calls her, and then a few minutes later Gabrielle and Emily come walking out.

“Hello ladies” Tomo says opening the car door.

“Hey” Gabrielle says as she and Emily get in.

“So where are we off too?” Emily asks.

“You’ll see” Shannon says who is also the driver.

“Oh boy” Gabrielle says giggling.

A half an hour later they pull into a parking lot.

“Where are we?” Emily says.

“You’ll see” Shannon says again now leading the way.

The girls then follow the guys across the street and then around the coner to where they then see a big sign that says, “Blue Moon Nightclub”

“A nightclub?” Gabrielle says.

“Yeah, good place to celebrate right?!” Shannon then says all hyper like now.

“Yeah, this is awesome!” Emily says jumping, who loves to go clubbing as much as she can.

“Yeah, wonderful” Gabrielle mutters in dismay, who, un-like Emily, hates nightclubs and does everything in her power to get out of going with her and her friends on Friday nights.

“Anything wrong?” Tomo then asks Gabrielle as they walk in.

“No, I’m good” Gabrielle lies and then gives him a very fake smile.

Jared, meanwhile, can see right through the fake smile.

“You don’t like nightclubs do you?” he asks Gabrielle as she stands very closes to her.

“Not really” Gabrielle says shaking her head.

“Have you ever been to one?” Jared then asks her.

“Yeah once last year. I hated it, with all the loud music and guys trying to smooth their way right into your pants every time you go to get a drink or something” Gabrielle says.

“Oh, well do you want to leave?” Jared then asks her.

“Oh no! That would be rude to you guys” Gabrielle says.

“Well, actually I wanted to go to a nice restaurant across town, but Shannon and Tomo had their hearts set on here so, two against one”

“Oh, well, at least you like clubs” Gabrielle says.

“Yeah, but I thought a restaurant would be better to you guys liking” Jared says.

“ Ha. You mean me. M loves nightclubs” Gabrielle says laughing a little.

“Oh, does she?” Jared asks.

“Yeah, she and her friends go out every Friday, if they can get off work that is. They always try to rope me in, but I get out of it” Gabrielle says.

Jared laughs at that a little.

“So does she get home really late?” he then asks.

“Nah, usually around eleven, or twelve, if traffic’s bad. She goes for fun and to hang out, not to get boys and all that, un-like her friends” Gabrielle says.

“Oh well that’s good” Jared says.

“So what do you do on your Friday nights off?” he then asks her.

“Oh, I hang around the apartment and read, or watch tv, or do paper work or something” Gabrielle says.

“Well, that’s going to change from now on” Jared says with a sweet smile.

Gabrielle then gives him a confused look but before she can ask why Shannon walks up to them and says their ready to go to their seats.

Jared then takes Gabrielle’s hand into his and says “Try and hold out for a while, I’ll be here if you need me” Gabrielle just nods her head.

Her face is all red from Jared holding her hand.

No guy ever did that before.

Let alone offer her comfort.

Maybe this is the real thing?

A few seconds later they reach their tables, that are right next to a bunch of loud, rude people who seem to have a little too much to drink.

“Oh god” Gabrielle says to herself as she and Jared sit down.