How Much Sassy is Too Much?

Didn’t get a chance to make the Cobra Starship Sassyback Tour? Don’t worry, the band still has something special in store for you! They’ve released the video for their song “Kiss My Sass” featuring Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. Kind of fitting since it’s the song that opens with “I’m bringing SASSY back!”

A bunch of the footage was shot over Warped Tour this past summer, so keep your eyes out for faces you might recognize from other bands as well! And come on, like they could have made a video for this song without including Mr. Pretty Much a Big Deal himself!

But mostly? It’s all about the Cobras being Cobras. And I highly approve.

What do you think? Right song for a video? Quality of the video itself? Too distracted by the sheer hotness of Cobra Starship as a whole to voice an opinion? Tell us!

Oh, and have you pledged yourself to the Church of Hot Addiction yet?