Gerard Way Helps Launch Dark Horse’s Official Umbrella Academy “Zone”

So, despite selling like hot gothcakes, being nominated for a Scream Award and winning an Eisner Award earlier this year, Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba’s comic The Umbrella Academy was missing one important thing: a website. Oh, yes, they had an official Myspace, but no actual WEBSPACE.

Until now!

One of the official desktop wallpapers available on the site. Click it for more!

A new Umbrella Academy Zone has appeared on Dark Horse’s Official Website, complete with TUA images and a message directly from the creator, Gerard Way.

Way’s message talks about the honor of winning the Eisner Award, as he puts it, a “childhood dream” come true for both himself and Gabriel, about the need for a location for fans to get information as well as for Gerard and Gabriel to share notes and other special features with them.

But of course, Gerard’s way with words is one of the most amazing features of the current site:

As we start another semester at the Academy, I can say I am very excited about continuing the book, which was always supposed to be an ongoing saga, a book to share ideas and push the boundaries of a modern comic, always changing depending on what we wanted to say with each particular chapter. I have met some amazing people on this ride and made a family, not only in Dark Horse, but also in the creative team and every single person I meet that believes in this little comic.

The “new semester” starts later this month when The Umbrella Academy: Dallas hits comic stands on November 26th. The series will apparently pick up with Apocalypse Suite left off and will explore what happens after the heroes mostly saved the world.

Oh, and what comic site would be complete without message boards? Gerard asks you use those and the rest of the site responsibly, however:

So, on behalf of the entire UA team, I welcome you to the Umbrella Academy Zone, ask you to play nice, respect each other, and try not to be late to class.