I hereby declare Buzznet on Baby Wentz Watch ’08.

[BB Wentz was conceived shortly after this pic was taken. JUST KIDDING]

Please post all links to blogs, vaguesuspicious twitters, etc.

  • The breaking news post that made us raise our collective eyebrows.
  • Everyone’s pumping f*ckcity (twitter) for info. Ha.
  • is saying (via “unconfirmed source) that it’s a boy and it was delivered yesterday. I’m waiting for a confirmed source.
  • LOL @ Absolutepunk commenter who said, “Is the baby one of the golden tickets?” (Or maybe it’s late and I think everything is funny?)
  • If you watched the first few minutes of Larry King the “breaking news” was all about Clinton and Obama. (via icecreamheadaches @ LJ) –true, but this does not deter us because PW is tricky like that. Just sayin’.
  • Life & Style is reporting The moment is finally here: Ashlee’s having her baby! “Pete texted his friends last night that Ashlee is in labor!” an insider tells Life & Style.
  • But, Pete updated his blog today (Sunday) about his house smelling like fire and NADA ’bout BB Wentz.
  • Life & Style updated saying she went into the hospital but it was a false alarm.
  • Fall Out Boy performed on the TRL Finale WITHOUT Pete! Sisky from TAI filled in. Conflicting reports of him “being on babywatch” and “adjusting to fatherhood.” SOMEONE CONFIRM FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS EMO.

This is not meant to be an invasion of privacy. Were just really flippin’ excited.