Shocking News: We Found One Place Katy Perry Won’t Go

Katy Perry has gained a reputation as a girl-kissing, romper wearing, do-anything-for-attention sort of girl. But she has confessed there’s one thing she won’t be doing in the near future: collaborating with Gym Class Heroes, fronted by her boyfriend Travis McCoy.

Perry’s comments on the possibility? “I think they have their lane and I have mine. He’s got responsibilities to a bunch of other people and his band, and I kind of am solo.”

Does this mean we’ll never see a Travis and Katy (or as I’ve dubbed it, Traty!) team up? Well, Katy says that if they did do something together, it would be just the two of them, without his band involved. But then there’s the question of a non-musical “team up,” since Travis did give her that ring a few months back…

Of course, Travis might think twice about that after seeing Perry’s video for Hot n Cold.