Halloween – The Final Countdown Begins On Buzznet!

Ten more days, folks! Ten more days until that most magical of nights is upon us! Ghastly ghouls and wicked witches will take to the streets in search of the newest haunts and free candy galore. With only a short time left, many of our friends on Buzznet are slowly but surely getting ready in their own ways. When you think of Halloween, I’m sure that one of the first images your mind conjures up is the pumpkin. Upon first sight, the pumpkin is not really much to look at. It is only after meeting it’s fate with a carving knife that it can truly be appreciated. Before any of the festive cuts can take place, one must venture to a pumpkin patch. Buzznet’s very own Kron recently snapped a photo of her eve of pumpkin patching. Check it out!

DeadLindy and her family took her family to Pierce College in Woodland Hills to pick pumpkins, part take in hay rides, and view an actual corn maze (I may or may not have been involved in these shenanigans). The meager patch can be seen below as well as the guarded entrance to the corn maze.

Speaking of pumpkins, Alexandria created a poll in which she asks her readers for their help in naming her pumpkin.

A pumpkin like that deserves a good name! To help Alexandria out, check her poll out here!

Alyheartscandy warns us about the dangers of eating too much candy with this lovely gem:

I hope that the pumpkin didn’t eat too many of what she baked because these cupcakes look delicious!

Millieann282000 has dedicated the 31 days of October to bring you a collection of spooktacular images that she snapped herself. The updates are delightful in all ways and rather interesting!

Millie has been joined by none other than BlackParadeGirl in this 31 Day Project of sorts. Not only has she been going to shows dressed as a vampire, but she has been taking photos that would bring chills to the heartiest of men. Check out her abandoned house!

Famed Buzznet movie review Haiku maker Starlorsummers adds some new blood to the 80’s film Fright Night. You can read the review here.

You can also check out the really cool polls that xxrccola has made that pertain to all things Halloween and SkinTight‘s seven essential songs for Halloween on the Community Page.

I don’t know about you guys and gals, but all this talk about Halloween is getting me excited. I need to get home and carve this little guy:

These are but a handful of ways that we are getting ready for Halloween. Don’t be afraid to show us how you get ready in the comments section!