Alex Gaskarth: There is NO Such Thing as a Stupid Halloween Costume

Ninja Turtle? Sarah Palin? Fried egg? Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low doesn’t believe there is such a thing as a stupid Halloween costume.Find out his freaky holiday favs and where All Time Low will be on October 31st in this Q & A.

Buzznet: What is the stupidest couple costume?

Alex: No costume on Halloween is stupid. Its only stupid if you don’t dress up as something. There are 365 days a year, if you don’t take the opportunity to dress up as something else on the 1 day a year your allowed to then you’re stupid.

Buzznet: What do you think the most overrated costume will be for Halloween ’08?

Alex: Probably Sarah Palin

Buzznet: What is your scariest Halloween memory?

Alex: When we were like 8 years old there was a big scare in Maryland about people putting razorblades and stupid shit in candy so they made a huge deal about trick-or-treating, and we almost weren’t allowed to. The thought of not trick-or-treating at age 8 is pretty scary!

Buzznet: What is the best costume you had as a kid?

Alex: Ninja Turtle! Every boy was one of the 4 at some point in their life.

Buzznet: If you’re too old to trick-or-treat what do you recommend doing on Halloween?

Alex: Go to our show at Soma in San Diego! Hahaha

Buzznet: What will you be doing on Halloween this year?

Alex: Playing a show at Soma in San Diego. Hopefully everyone comes to the show in a costume and we can give out candy and fun stuff all night.

Buzznet: Best movie to watch on Halloween?

Alex: ‘Psycho’ or ‘Halloween’ are good choices. ‘Scream’ isn’t very scary but its a classic. If you are looking for something really scary, ‘The Descent’ and ‘Pet Cemetery’ are great choices even though they aren’t really Halloween themed.

Buzznet: If this Halloween turns into a Zombie Apocalypse, how would you survive?

Alex: All 4 of us have watched enough Zombie movies and played Resident Evil enough times that I think we would have no problem surviving, in fact I think we would really enjoy the chance to take on an army of zombies. All you need is a chainsaw and you’re set!

Buzznet: Favorite candy?

Alex: Fun size Snickers and Milky Ways