You’re Gonna Love: TAT

TatNoun. 1. Rubbish, junk. Abb. of tatty. E.g.”You can’t wear that old cardigan, it’s tat.” {Informal}

TATNoun. Three piece band from London, England, that will rock your f*cking world.

When I met with the members of TAT to speak with them for, lead singer and guitarist Tatiana DeMaria greeted me by crab walking out from under a table and then standing to shake my hand.

I was, for a moment, afraid I had gotten in over my head.

But a few minutes with the threesome in an interview room calmed my nerves. Tatiana, along with bassist Nick Kent and drummer Jake Reed, joked with me, mocked each other, and made me feel completely comfortable, despite being in a room with three extremely talented, talkative and attractive people.

The band is on Warped Tour this year for the second time around and released their EP “This is TAT” on June 20th. The music is driven, punk riffs and angry lyrics, it’s poppy but never softens the blow. It includes Nick and Tatiana’s favorite song to perform on stage, “Road to Paradise.” It’s reminiscent of angry-but-truthful girl rock, something we’ve been missing in the new millenium.

But never ask Tatiana what it feels like to be a girl in a band, or on Warped Tour. She performed a sarcastic impression of the people that ask her things along the lines of “How does it feel to play to male audiences?” She sums up her situation as “a girl in a band/on Warped” succinctly: “I wash my dick every 3 days like everyone else.”

Click the image for more TAT pictures from the Virginia Beach show!

Other questions not to ask the band include “Are you guys from Australia?” and “Does your name come from Tatiana’s name?” While these questions will likely get you rebuffed, the band is quick to answer just about anything else you ask them. Ask them about catering and you have Jake talking about Warped’s hotwings, Nick going on about the steaks and Tatiana’s list of favorites including chicken, green beans and pasta dishes.

During their off time on Warped, the band said they had two memorable days. Their favorite Off-Day involved heading out to a camp site/RV park (“We’re such tourists!” they quipped) where they hung out in the kiddie pool drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. However, they also spent a day working with Take Action Relief helping in the rebuilding efforts in Lake Charles, LA. They also enjoy listening to Warped bands, including groups they’ve just discovered such as Beat Union and in Nick’s case, Atomic Loveletter. This response earned him a tongue clicking from Tatiana and some general mocking.

As for the future? TAT will be leaving Warped from August 5th to August 15th in order to tour with Alice Cooper. Wait, let me rephrase that: Alice FUCKING Cooper. They’ll be back on Warped for the last three dates before heading out on tour with Lagawagon and then, after a few dates, joining up with MXPX. All tour dates can be found on their official Myspace page, along with steams of their music and an online store. Also, if you’re into Twittering, you can follow them. If you’re not into Twittering, get a Twitter and follow them.

Trust me, despite the name, there’s absolutely nothing rubbish about them.

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