Ronnie Radke Sentenced To 4 Years in Prison

Ronnie Radke, formerly of Escape The Fate, was sentenced to 4 years jail time today in Las Vegas.

Andrew Davis and Anthony Blondell from the Division of Parole and Probation present. Mr. Knapp advised Defendant will stipulate to violations and argue for reinstatement. Court ACCEPTED stipulation. Statements by Defendant and Mr. Knapp. COURT ORDERED, DEFENDANT RADKE’S PROBATION IS REVOKED and the original sentence of FORTY-EIGHT (48) MONTHS MAXIMUM with a MINIMUM parole eligibility of EIGHTEEN (18) MONTHS in the Nevada Department of Corrections will be imposed with 50 days credit for time served. COUNT 2 DISMISSED. Defendant referred to the 184 Drug Program in prison.

In case you wanted to know and stuff.

Oh, p.s. Ronnie, I haz a song dedication for you:

Ronnie last appeared in court at the end of June.Emos fight the law, but they don’t always win.