Copeland Hijack Fall Out Boy’s Viral Marketing

Copeland, you clever, dirty bastards, you. That whole maze of mysteriousness and lyrics — including,, and — was them piggybacking on Fall Out Boy‘s viral marketing idea.

In attempt to straighten this biz out, MTV contacted Copeland front man Aaron Marsh, who said:

“We had been discussing a viral campaign for three or four months now, placing some stuff on the Net, so some of this was just wacky timing. The whole concept behind our campaign was that we wanted people to be looking at our Web site while they were thinking they were looking at someone else’s. So we were poking around, and then FOB started their site, so we decided to use theirs. There was nothing malicious about it; we just saw an opportunity to reel in way more people. And when I think about how it might affect Fall Out Boy, all I can say is that Pete’s a clever bloke, and he probably would’ve done the same thing had he thought of it. I mean, think about it: The two campaigns are very similar — theirs is supposed to look like an ominous organization that’s mucking around. The way [the two campaigns] crossed didn’t hurt anyone.”

The thing is, it kind of worked. I am mildly intrigued about this Copeland album if the maze tied in the lyrics/album artwork. You Are My Sunshine is set to come out on Tooth and Nail records on October 14.

If this is the explanation, why do I still feel duped? I mean, did Copeland really read Pete’s blog and create a site based on that, that fast? I’m referring to this:

[posted on Pete’s blog which redirects to]

My head hurts, and I am devoting no more time to this trickery today. Besides, Gwen Stefani is popping out precious child #2 and I need to focus all my energy on making sure it’s a girl so the world can have a little Gwenabee.