Hey, I’m making plans for the future of Very Much Alive and I’d like to get you guys to answer a few questions regarding it! No pressure, but I’d like to see what the reaction would be. Please post your answers in the replies to this blog.


If “Very Much Alive” wristbands, a la the Livestrong bracelets, were to be made available, would you buy one?

If these bracelets existed, do you have suggestions about which VMA-related charities you would like to see the money donated to? (Please note: my thought is To Write Love On Her Arm, which is a similar group to VMA)

If the bracelets were available, what color would you like to see them in?

Would you buy other VMA merchandise if the money were going to charity?

If so, what other kind of merchandise would you buy?

Any other thoughts or suggestions in this vein?

Thank you so much for your time and your participation!