Okay, See, I Made You All a Chart

Ashlee Simpson (Wentz)

Pete Wentz

Debut Album

Autobiography (July 2004)

Take This to Your Grave (May 2003)

Debut Chart Performance

Debuted at #1, first week sales of 389,000 copies

N/A (released on an independent lable)

Second Album

I Am Me (October 2005)

From Under the Cork Tree (May 2005)

Second Album Chart Performance

Debuted at #1, first week sales of 220,000 copies

Debuted at #9, first week sales of 68,000 copies

Third Album

Bittersweet World (April 2008)

Infinity on High (February 2007)

Third Album Chart Performance

Debuted at #4, first week sales of 47,000 copies

Debuted at #1

Other Claims to Fame

Younger sister of Jessica Simpson

Own reality series “The Ashlee Simpson Show”

The “SNL incident”

Highly praised performance in Chicago at London’s West End Theatre

The “Orange Bowl incident”

“Did she or didn’t she” plastic surgery questions (she did)

Nude pictures leaked on internet

Member of Fall Out Boy (though non fans are rarely aware that he is the bassist and not the lead singer…if they can remember which band he’s in)


Dating/Married Ashlee Simpson


Well recognized pop culture icon, pop star, infamous for some mistakes she’s grown from

Mr. Ashlee Simpson, that guy who’s wang was on the internet, that douchebag from Fall Out Boy

In closing: Yes, folks. She’s more famous than him.Maybe you don’t like it.Maybe you don’t think it’s right.But that doesn’t matter in this case.I’m not talking about right or wrong or why society thinks the way it does.

BOTTOM LINE: ASHLEE IS MORE FAMOUS THAN PETE.She is more recognizable in the press, she is a bigger name to drop.Trust me, you mention Ashlee and Pete to someone who’s not a fan of Fall Out Boy or only knows them through their singles?They will ask you “Which band is he in again?And he’s the lead singer, right?”

So, her “using” Pete?Is a ridiculous suggestion.She doesn’t NEED to use Pete.She’s the bigger star.

This is not to suggest Pete is using her either.Face it, folks, some things in the world, and in Hollywood, are sincere.This marriage is one of them.They are in love.They are strangely perfect for each other, which yeah, none of us saw coming, but how could we?

She’s not using him.She’s not going to break up his band (and really, what would he do, go solo?I’m sure there’d be a ton of outcry for Pete Wentz’s vocals, just look at the success of Arma Angelus!).She’s going to be his wife, he’s going to be her husband, and the two of them, their dog, and their potential offspring will be very happy.