Yellowcard Announce ‘Indefinite Hiatus’

In an announcement that sort of pains me to even repeat, Yellowcard has announced an “indefinite hiatus.” In an interview with the online edition of The Minaret – a college paper that serves Florida’s University of Tampa – frontman Ryan Key said:
We really don’t have any plans. We are calling it an “Indefinite Hiatus.” After this tour, so, I don’t know. It could be a year, 10 years, or 6 months. It’s been an interesting time in this business and our record label. It’s just. We kind of need a break. I think it appears everything is ok on its surface but we definitely need a little bit of time to figure out our personal lives. It doesn’t have anything to do with turmoil in the band. It’s more of a, facing adulthood now, and we can’t stay in Neverland forever. You know what I mean. I think we just need a break. Hopefully we will get back to making another record sometime, if not it may be our last but we don’t really know. We’re just keeping the door open.

Yellowcard just finished up an all-acoustic tour with The Spill Canvas. I didn’t write a review because I was busy being nostalgic (I do have videos!), but Emily did a review of tthe band’s recent show at Glass House in Pomona, California and Sarah has one of their San Fran stop.

Kind of weird for me to be saying I’m okay with this — because like there are so many of you who say MCR/FOB/etc. changed your life… Yellowcard was my band. By pure luck, I discovered them a couple days after One For The Kids was released. They opened for Slick Shoes at Chain Reaction in Anaheim in April of 2001. After that show, I totally threw myself into this band because I swore they were going to be huge. I’ve been to about 70 shows of theirs (they played a lot in SoCal in their early years). I moderated their message board and ran a couple of their LJ communities. Anyway, enough of me loitering in memory lane. (But if you want to loiter, I have old skool photos, yo).

Kind of a sad good-bye phase for the pop-punk bands of yesteryear — The Starting Line announced their indefinite hiatus just last month.

Guys? I think it’s time to make an “Indefinite Hiatus” mixtape to summon the gods of musical reunions. Let’s do this.