People of Buzznet, I am proud to announce your ten lucky contestants for the first ever Buzznet Survivor:


SEBHailing from: A small island called BritainOccupation: Artist/Professional Drama-makerWhy they should win: Because I have sea monkeys & you don’t. Also if I win I will be able to get away with nakedness in public & no one will be able to complain.

Survivor!JAYV: ELIMINATED 5/21/2008Hailing from: The Gritty Streets of the Suburbs of Philadelphia Occupation: Part-time Rock ‘n Roller; Part-time Counter-Terrorist Operative (Reserve); Part-time Unemployed Bum Why they should win: Jay V is quite the versatile one. He can write backwards on glass windows so the people outside can read, and he can pretend he is a vampire, even going so far as turning to ash in the sunlight! OK, kidding about that one, but he CAN write things backwards and upside down and is currently working on learning the secrets of being a voice actor!!! Also, he can grill steak, so if anyone gets hungry and can kill an ox and cut it up, he can totally cook it.

I am a Buzznet SurvivorBULLETPROOFHEEB ELIMINATED 5/15/08Hailing from: Central New Jersey, a little to the left of your reality Occupation: Collector of knowledge, Reporter of truth, Gentleman pirate Why they should win: Because I crossed the Great Ether to participate in this contest of continued existence. Because I will bring a form a vigilante philosophy to you and yours. Because I have a ray gun and no other contestant does.

I've made it into Buzznet Survivor!OUNCEOFWENTZHailing from: Alamosa, Colorado. Occupation: professional sit-downer (I gets paid to sit down). Why they should win: I should win this contest because I’ve got determination, and I’m not going to give up, no matter what happens. : )

My Buzznet Survivor picBREESAYSHailing from: the o.c. Occupation: the internet Why they should win: because britney spears commands that i do

Buzznet SurvivorROCKINPONDAHailing from: Scottsdale, AZ Occupation: Artist (hence the T-square) Why they should win: BECAUSE I TAKE ON TIGERS WITH NOTHING MORE THAN A T-SQUARE!!!! That’s fierce.

Buzznet Survivor!!!IKKYG ELIMINATED 5/28/2008Hailing from: Sydney, Australia Occupation: Student/International Spy Why they should win: Because If I don’t, I will send my legion of vampire kangaroos after everyone

First Top Hat PhotoJOHNNYNOTSID/WENDY NOT SID: ELIMINATED 5/8/2008Hailing from: Washington DC Occupation: Citizen of the world Why they should win: I should win because I have an extensive knowledge of rock and roll history, I was apparently around when Jesus was born (ask ounceofwentz), I am an excellent writer, and I love to rock out. And I have a top hat.

TRYINGTOFINDTHEWORDSHailing from: Rhode Island Occupation: wordsmith / Buzznet addict / part time ninja Why they should win: I really have no clue why I should win. I suppose because the original winner of the first real Survivor was from RI so I’m here to uphold the tradition and honor for Rhode Island by winning the first Buzznet one too!

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.CRASH13Hailing from: The Witch City Occupation: Professional Number Cruncher Why they should win: I have a bow and deadly precision. Any questions?