*The Kill*….pt44

As always, hugs and kisses to Dee, Hannah and Jessica!

Everyone walks up to Dee and Franks room. They knock on their door, but they don’t answer. “Ok, this is really weird now” says Shannon knocking on the door again. “Try and call Dee again” Jared says to Gabbie. She does, and nothing. “Is it at least ringing?” Hannah asks. “Yeah, but I don’t get her voice mail” Gabbie reply’s trying again. “Hummm, that’s weird” says Jessica. “Try calling Frank” “Did that already, nothing from him either” “What the hell?” says Tomo. He then knocks on door very loudly yelling, “Dee? Frank? Yo guys! Are you in there?!” Nothing. “Ok, that’s it. I’m going to see if I can find a extra key from the lobby” says Gabbie going down the hall to go downstairs. “I don’t think they have one Gab” says Jared shaking his head. “I’ll see anyway” she reply’s as she goes out of sight. “Maybe we should break the door down?” says Tomo. “And what? Give them a heartattack if they are in there?!” says Shannon “I don’t think they are, they would have been up by now with all the noise we’re making” says Jared. “So what do we do?”

Meanwhile Gabbie’s just about down the stairs all the way when Dee walks in the front door. Gabbie stands there for a minute looking at her dumbfounded, then she yell’s, “WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!” Dee gives a jump and looks around and sees Gabbie standing on the stairs. “Oh hey hun! Oh sorry, I had to go out really fast and didn’t think of telling you guys where I was going” “That’s ok, you do have us running around trying to find you, wondering why you not answering you door or cell” “Of crap! Knew I forgot something” “Yeah. What did you go out for anyway?” “Oh, Frank got sick last night, been coughing like cazy all morning, poor thing, so I went out and got him some meds” “Oh well we better get it to him. And hope the guys didn’t break down the door” “Haha, yeah we better hurry!” The two run up the stairs and to Dee’s room just in time to stop the other’s breaking down the door. “Ok, on the count of three” says Jared as he and Shannon’s about the kick down the door. “One, two, th…” “Guys! Guys stop! It’s ok, we’re alright!” yells Dee running over to them. “Oh Dee! Where have you been?!” says Hannah hugging her. “I had to get Frank some meds cuz he was coughing like cazy all morning” “Oh well you better get to him them!” Dee unlocks and door and walks in. Frank’s sound asleep. Dee softly wakes him and gives him some meds, and then he falls right back to sleep, feeling a little better. As the other’s go to go out the door, leaving Dee to care for Frank, when Dee says to Shannon and Jared playfully, “And why, my I ask, we’re you about the break down my door?” “Well we thought you guys we’re in trouble or something!” says Jared, “What else were we gonna do?!” “Well not break down and give my hubby a heartattack for one thing!” “And this is the thanks we get for trying to help!” says Shannon trying not to laugh. “Oh you guys know I’m grateful” “Yeah yeah” Dee playfully push’s the boys out the door, and thanks them again, and everyone goes downstairs needing a lot of coffee. Jared thinks it’s time to talk to Jessica about what’s going through his mind. “Jess?” he says to her as they go to go into the lunchroom. “Yeah?” she says stopping. “Um, can I talk to you for a minute, alone?” “Sure” They walk over to and sofa at the far side of the lobby. “Ok, what’s up?”