To Every Girl

To every girl who’s gotten a CHAIN E-MAILabout being a so called “GOOD GIRL”

To every girl who sees the TOXIC NICENESSand wants to VOMIT IN HER OWN MOUTH.

To every girl who realizes PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE BULLSHITwent out with POODLE SKIRTS

To every girl who won’t PRETENDto find something funny JUST TO GET A BOY.

To every girl who’s UNAFRAIDto approach him and MAKE THE FIRST MOVE.

To every girl who REFUSESto just SIT BY THE PHONE for a call and is busyOUT LIVING HER LIFE when he calls, because she UNDERSTANDS THE CONCEPT OF VOICEMAIL.

To every girl who hasn’t had her backbone SURGICALLY REMOVED.

To every girl who can realize that if he DOESN’T LIKE YOU FOR WHO YOU AREthe problem isn’t that HE CAN’T SEE YOU’RE GOOD ENOUGHit’s that YOU’RE WAY TOO GOOD FOR HIM.

To every girl who REALIZESthat losing your virginity is a PERSONAL choiceand that some girls have sex BECAUSE THEY LIKE ITnot just to PLEASE A GUY.

THANK YOU for existing.