He only cheated on me because of the ALIENS!

For the past two years, I have blamed myself for the end of my relationship and my boyfriend cheating on me. I was told by many people that it wasn’t my fault, but my own inclination was that, yes, it was in fact my fault.

But now, dear readers, now I have proof that it wasn’t my fault. Or my boyfriend’s, for that matter.

No. It was the ALIENS.

The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships by Eve Frances Lorgen MA, is a book that…well…I’m just going to c and p from her website for this one:

The term was first coined the “alien love bite” by a small but growing number of aware abductees who began to realize that some of their love relationships were engineered by the aliens who abducted them. I deleted the “alien” notation from the description, because after working with many abductees, I realized that aliens were not the only ones responsible for these anomalous “pre-arranged” love relationships.

These alien orchestrated love bites often took the form of overwhelming love obsessions with an alien chosen targeted partner—another abductee. The targeted partner was sometimes another local abductee and other times the chosen mate was across the country or even in another country. For those abductees who were able to get together, the relationship was often short lived and passionate, leaving one of the partners in a state of unrequited love.

So, how do you know whether or not you’ve received an “alien love bite?” Check your symptoms!

a. Multiple abduction histories. In most cases the person had numerous alien encounters and/or UFO sightings. In a few cases the targeted love bite partner did not realize him/herself to be an abductee. For example one partner was told by the” alien handlers” to have been abducted only for the purpose of the love bite relationship with a particular female abductee.

b. Memories of bonding scenarios in abductions, vivid dreams or virtual reality scenarios. Some have described it as a “stage managed” dream where both partners are present in a bedroom scene set up, where both individuals are being given telepathic messages to initiate contact, either on a verbal level or more physical sexual level. Oftentimes either partner appears to be in a tranced out or drugged state. Other stage-managed dreams and/or abductions may have the partners in various situations as if they are being tested for their emotional compatibility or coerced into thinking that this person would make an ideal romantic mate.

c. Supernatural Events and Synchronicities. Uncoincidental coincidences and psychic flashes concerning the targeted partner. Meeting the person seems to be set up in a supernatural way, such that the couple may believe their eventual union to be divinely arranged. A match made in heaven. A first meeting of the pre-bonded partner may set off a series of de ja vu memories, flashback memories of previous abductions or dream related bondings. Some have even described it as a “body memory” of having made love to that person before. One or both partners have a strong sense of having known the person before, as if they knew them all their lives or a strong soul connection.

d. Paranormal and supernatural phenomena increases during the love bite set-up. This may include empathic and even telepathic communication between the love bite pair. Spontaneous remote viewing images and mutually shared dreams. Other oddities may include the physical sensation of the partners “touch” or energy field when the other partner is thinking or fantasizing about them. This is known as Telesthesia, and is often experienced in a sexual way oftentimes in an altered state of consciousness. These conditions may propel either person to find the other, an obsession to find the dream partner.

e. Strong emotional, mental and even psychic connections with the bonded partner—such that it sets up the conditions and desire for them to meet one another. The connection can be so strong that they have described it as a soul immersion in their beloved or literally having their souls joined to one another. Another bi-product is the amplification of psychic abilities in both or one partner. Some MILAB abductees reported that the reason for the bonding was to amplify their psychic abilities, such as remote viewing to be later used in a secret mission or “mind controlled ops”.

f. Love obsession. A need for one partner or the other to be with them to the point of becoming infatuated. This includes the need to meet the person, even if it is in secret, and having to hear the person’s voice on the phone, sometimes calling the person daily or several times a day. Just hearing the targeted partner’s voice may have a calming effect on the obsessed lover. Extreme anxiety may be felt if the obsessed person cannot hear that person’s voice or see them somehow.

g. The obsessed partner usually feels “love at first sight” and may lose all critical reasoning ability. Some have described it as having the compulsion to make sudden life decisions like moving away, changing jobs, getting divorced or going out of their way to do things for the targeted person. It has been compared to being under a “love spell” whenever the obsessed person hears their partner’s voice. They may go to great lengths to please the person—doing anything for them, even giving up their life for them.

h. Switching off. One or the other partners becomes unplugged emotionally, leaving the other in a state of unrequited love. Usually the obsessed lover becomes painfully unrequited after the other partner loses interest, often right after abduction. It has been described as the psychic and emotional unplugging of the targeted partner. Unfortunately the obsessed lover still feels the strong psychic/emotional connection, but the other “switched off” partner feels nothing, leaving the obsessed lover grieving. Or the conditions for the bonded lovers are such that it is impossible for them to consummate their strong love, such as both partners being married to others or living a great distance away.

i. Emotional turmoil in the unrequited partners life. These powerful emotions of love and grief may cause the person to be inspired with creative energy, so that they write poetry, music, or any other art form of creative inspiration. Conversely, the degree of emotional pain may throw the unrequited lover into suicidal tendencies, mental and physical exhaustion or illness.

j. Profound mystical experiences may also be perceived during the time of increased emotional processing or periods of prayer.

k. Increase in alien encounters during periods of high drama and emotional conflict. The alien encounters may also increase if the person gets involved in alternative sexual lifestyles or increased sexual activity—especially if its with the targeted love bite partner. Some have reported increases in reptilian activity with methamphetamine or “crack cocaine” abuse.

l. Some abductees have reported the bonding experience to take place more than once, whereby they have been on both sides of the love bite; the obsessed unrequited end, or the non-unrequited end. When they are on the non-unrequited end, a platonic friendship may be engendered. Some heterosexuals have suddenly become obsessed with a homosexual where a drastic change in lifestyle occurs.

Oh, humanity. Sometimes you make me realize that if there are aliens (I’m not saying there are or aren’t), they are probably avoiding us at all costs.

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