So, I’ve spent the past two days sick as hell. Really, really fucking sick. And I’m pretty sure I know why.

I’ve got the goddamn T-Virus.

Great, just fucking great. I get to be a zombie. I fucking HATE zombies.

Zombies for me are the scariest fucking things in the world because, once you become one? There’s no turning back. It’s a single mindedness, a herd mentality. You move and attack mindlessly with the others of your kind. I suppose for me, zombies are a metaphor for conformity. Once you become one you can’t go back and you don’t even have the ability to WISH you could go back. You’re dead inside, everything that was you, purely you, is gone and now you just stumble along and gnaw on people’s heads.

See, this is what I get for taking that public relations job with Umbrella, Inc. Might as well turn in my security badge…

(made for me by the amazing bulletproofheeb)