Absolutepunk interviews Paramore.

And makes me love them more than I already do. Here is an excerpt:

Do you ever feel like you have to watch your actions and what you say? Hayley: Totally. There is a fine line between not caring what people think about you and being who you are. And also, when you are in a position where a lot of people are looking up to you and wondering what your take on something is, I feel you have to watch yourself. Someone can get the wrong impression from anything. We want people to get great things from our music. We say we’re fine after the show, and the second we head back we may be butting heads about something. We don’t really want people to see that type of stuff because that’s not really what it’s about. It’s something we have to get through in order to get better. But, yeah, we totally have to watch what we do. I don’t want to talk about whether or no you have a boyfriend or whatever, because that’s not what music is about. But I am curious what you think of people always harping on just you [Hayley] in the band? Are you sick of it? Do you just laugh it off? Josh: We knew that would happen. We knew that it would just get worse the more fans we gain. People are going to be more focused on Hayley. It happens with any lead man, but it’s a little different because she’s a girl. There are times when it just happens so much that we are like “Oh man, this is getting annoying,” just to be honest. Deep down we know that we are a band and that’s how we see ourselves and as long as people know that’s how we feel and who we are. Hayley: We don’t look at ourselves as everybody else does, as this girl-fronted band that’s limited by so many things just because it’s a girl. I think we have more opportunities and we are available to do more things. It’s retarded. Just because I have boobs AP.net has a couple more threads about Paramore. It’s weird. Whatever, I don’t care. We make music for people to enjoy music, not so people can talk about my sexuality. You, of course, will read the rest right here.

Just as a personal aside, I don’t think they’re better because they’re a girl-fronted band, nor do I think that limits them– I just think she’s a good role model and has the potential to inspire lots of little girls to get their rock on. Know what I mean?