Thnks fr th prdct plcmnt.

The New York Times wrote this article on how Fall Out Boy offset the cost of making their chimp-tastic video, “Thnks fr the Mmrs”– massive product placement from TAG body spray.

“In this deal, Tag essentially underwrote the cost of those downloads for a limited time and put a message to that effect on the band’s Web site. Tag also promoted the band in advertising and helped offset the cost of making the video.”Fall Out Boy was comfortable with Tag because the brand’s ads have a “sarcastic spin,” said Pete Wentz, “Given how the industry is right now, you have to come up with new kinds of partnerships, and when you’re able to offset the cost of the video, that’s cool. Hiring chimps is not cheap.”

I thought the placement WAS a little weird, but I can totally understand it. Tag is essentially the reason you were able to download the video. I think if it fits with the video and facilitates an otherwise cash-heavy concept, I’m down with it.

The article also mentioned how “younger fans were less likely to perceive such deals as “selling out.