Jared Leto takes a hit.

During the El Paso Taste of Chaos performance, 30stm lead singer Jared Leto broke his nose.

People reports that he ran into the crowd and was rushed by fans, and ended up hurting his foot as well. He finished the show and went to the hospital afterward.

“I’ve been producing shows for 25 years and this was one of the scariest moments I have witnessed,” tour organizer Kevin Lyman said of the melee in a statement. “We hope Jared’s injuries are all minor and that he has a speedy recovery.”

Did any of you guys see it? Was there blood? I hate blood. I would freak out.

I bet it was Elijah Wood. No one messes with Frodo, yo. What goes around, comes around Jordan Catalano!

ps. If you didn’t know, bassist Matt Wachter left the band that night, too.

Bye Matt!