Britney Rumor of The Day: “I am the Anti-Christ”?

I try to take an internet vay-cay on the weekend but I decided just to check on IBBB, and I’m sorry, but this is just too good not to share:

Some Austrailian news site is reporting that Britney tried to hang herself in rehab.

But that’s not the shocking part. Apparently, before the dramatic hanging attempt, she wrote 666 on her forehead and RAN through the halls screaming “I am the Anti-Christ!!!

I would be like, eff you Austrailian journalists, you’re just trying to make fools of us common bloggers… but thats exactly the same reaction I had to the text message I received saying “Britney Spears shaved her head.” But then she really did.

It seems like post-partum depression and/or manic depression are too mild a diagnosis, no?

I wish she would turn down the crazy a notch or two, because it really makes me sad.