Dying to be Thin.

Yesterday Yahoo reported that 5 Ultra-thin Models were banned from the Catwalk in Madrid. Some of these models are threatening to sue, claiming its discrimination. In an article by The Daily Mail, Italian youth minister Giovanni Melandri said: “It’s true that anorexia is not born on the catwalk but the fashion industry could not stand by as an indifferent spectator. The idea is to show the difference between a thin beautiful model and a thin ill model.”

Buzznet member Amanda says this causes her a lot of distress, and that someone should take responsibility for the eating disorder epidemic (and uh, the drug problems) inspired by a Size-0 obsessed culture.

I, personally, am kind of torn on the issue. While seeing Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Kate Bosworth grace magazines frequently in all their skinnybone glory can make me feel less desirable on occasion, I feel like the issues I’ve had have really come from family and (sad, but true) friends. The people you surround yourself with makes an IMMENSE difference, as does the environment you’re in (which is my way of saying you’ll feel so much better after you get out of High School).

I won’t get on my soapbox here, but I want to hear your thoughts on this issue, or your experiences with it.