Carrie Underwood – Don’t Forget to Remember Me

I think Carrie Underwood is my favorite Idol winner ever.

She has this down-to-Earth vibe that seems really genuine.

I didn’t really care for her that much during the Top 24 rounds, but when she sang Alone, I was hooked.

I rooted for her from then on.

And I’m so proud of her becuase, I saw her in the competition from the beginning.

I never saw American Idol 1 or 2, and AI3 I kept watching in parts (one episode here, another one in like 3 weeks).

Carrie was my first ‘Idol’ experience.

She’ll always be my favorite.

This song is a great one; whether you’re going to college, moving out, getting married, trying to find yourself… it just ‘fits’ with what one goes through in life.

It’s universal.

I’ve played it 577 times on my iPod (at least that’s what my iTunes count said.)

She’s really pretty too!

She looks like a Country Princess during this performance.

Find a flaw. Go one. I dare you.

You can’t.

It’s impossible.