Your Favorite Childhood Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Zombies

The month of October is awesome because anything and everything can be turned into a creepy crawly, spooky entity and it’s not considered weird or disturbing. With the best month of the year gaining full momentum, we found all your favorite childhood Disney characters and beyond reimagined as zombies! The art work is pretty incredible and shows… More »


So instead of the real Michael Jackson we present the Bizarreland version. This song is probably the most iconic American Halloween song even though the actual human version is amazing I thought you would find this one funny and cute 😀

Miley Cyrus and The Oscars: Style Study

The Oscars are this Sunday!!! I haven’t even seen half of the nominated movies, I have just been so busy. And when I finally scrounged up some time this past weekend and made it to…

Get Cozy: ‘Warm Bodies’ Gets A New Trailer!

If you love a good love story with a twist or just love a good zombie movie, you will adore the upcoming Summit flick, Warm Bodies. For fans of love…

Sleeping With Sirens Release ‘Dead Walker Texas Ranger’ For Halloween!

Halloween is a little more than a week away and with perfect timing, Sleeping With Sirens has released a single, “Dead Walker Texas Ranger,” to spook us.

Whether you plan on going trick-or-treating (you’re…

blessthefall “40 Days…” Video Premiere: LIGHTS, Camera, Zombies!

blessthefall premiered their music video for “40 Days…” today featuring a very special leading lady..err..zombie…LIGHTS! As some of you may know, blessthefall frontman Beau Bokan is married to the lovely LIGHTS. So adorable. If this video doesn’t get you ready for Halloween, I don’t know what will. 😉 blessthefall’s album, Awakening, is available now.

The Walking Dead Valentine’s Day Cards

Well it looks like someecards has created 4 The Walking Dead zombie ecards for you to enjoy. There are two what I would dub classic zombie ecard saying and 2 new…

We Are Already Infected

You have to face
the awful truth:
one day
the shambling
zombie hordes will
descend upon us
ripping your friends
and family
limb from limb
or worse,
infecting them with the
zombie virus

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse With Rich: Prequel to the Darwin Awards

The other day, I was busy looking at all kinds of cute zombie toys and that got me thinking: What if the zombie apocalypse actually happened? If you think that this is highly unlikely,…

13 Zombie Toys That Are More Cute Than Creepy

What better way is there to herald in Halloween than with zombies? These grand marshalls of the Halloween Parade keep speeds down with their slow gait at the head of the pack. Rather than get all ooey gooey and gorey this time around (not that this gallery doesn’t have those), let’s take a look at… More »

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