Music Video Let The Best Girl Govid

Music Video Let The Best Girl Go

Lord Louis Gilbert (born may 1, 1988) is an Australian video blogger and YouTube celebrity. He is most notable for The Lord Louis show a…
David Chaitoff
David Chaitoff Apr 16, 2014

Artist to Watch For - Allison Weiss

Meet Allison Weiss, a 27-year-old DIY focused indie-pop artist from Georgia who is about to break out onto the mainstream. This girl's work-ethic, on top…
clarefitz Apr 15, 2014

Gabbie Brown's Weekend At TinHouse in Coachella

Thursday morning I headed to the Coachella valley for a fun filled work event at the TINHouse! You might of saw the number one trending…
gabbiebrown Apr 15, 2014
Iron Braydz ft Kyza Skriblah Rambovid

Iron Braydz ft Kyza & Skriblah "Rambo"

Iron Braydz released his new EP today "Verbal sWARdz" on his own Unorthostract label.In the main self produced, the 10 tracks include features by Prince…
zanzir Apr 14, 2014

Youtube Evolution Of: My Chemical Romance

Reblogged from Brittany Lee Music Lovers, Here we meet again on another Friday. I plan to make this Good Friday a GREAT Friday with another Youtube Evolution…
myrealnameislove Apr 14, 2014 Originally by brittanyhagerty

Youtube Evolution Of: Blink 182!

Reblogged from Brittany Lee HAPPY FRIDAY FOLKS! I don't know if you saw but I recently got to do an interview with Travis Barker which you can…
myrealnameislove Apr 14, 2014 Originally by brittanyhagerty

News for me. News for you

I am going to try to update more on here. It's been a long time since I have so to start off, this year I…
Nancy NMCKTV Apr 12, 2014

YouTube Wednesday: Never Let This Go...the band that will never let YOU go

nbsp;       Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ blog, I am going to introduce you all to an amazing new punk rock band that…
celindareyes Apr 11, 2014

Artist to Watch For - BriBry

Meet BriBry O'Reilly, a YouTuber and musician from Dublin, Ireland. This independent artist is spreading the word of his melodic sound with the help of…
clarefitz Apr 08, 2014
Britney Stars As Queen B In Todrick Halls Pop Star Highpic

Britney Stars As Queen B In Todrick Hall’s Pop Star High

It’s Britney, bitch! Britney’s known to be a shy, sweet little kitten in the industry you just want to tickle. Or hug. Or pet. I’m…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Apr 08, 2014

NEW MUSIC MONDAY! YouTube's Tessa Violet And Her Debut Album!

Hey guys! Happy monday!  So I have been a fan of YouTube like any other average young-adult. Just because you're soon to be 21 does not…
Chloe Skowron
Chloe Skowron Apr 07, 2014

Before Starting A Home Business You Need The Right Mental Attitude

Many people who have careers or day jobs that they're anxious to leave wonder when they should take the plunge and start their home business…
brandy53milk Apr 07, 2014

Attraction Marketing Tips To Improve Your Online Business Now

Even though there's a lot of people who love to shop, they just don't like being "sold." Instead of doing a hard sell to your…
ideawalton98 Apr 06, 2014

How To Use Online Videos In Your Business Campaign - Buy Usa Youtube Views

Video promotion is foreign to a lot of individuals now. How to get going? How can it work? This article has been written to provide…
bakasey42 Apr 06, 2014

Top 5 Drummers In The Alternative Rock And Post-Hardcore Scenes

1. Luke Holland - The Word Alive There are very few within the post-hardcore scene who haven't heard of Luke Holland. At only twenty-years-old, Holland is…
clarefitz Apr 05, 2014