YouTube Wednesday: Restless Road...the country trio that is about to take your radio by storm!!!

nbsp;     Hello people of the internet!!! On today's 'Monday Memos' we are going to discuss a trio that is quickly making their way to becoming…
celindareyes Jun 04, 2014
Howard Stern: Britney Fans Are Aggressivepic

Howard Stern: Britney Fans Are Aggressive

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Britney Army is intense and will snatch your weave and your granny’s panties if you talk…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Apr 11, 2014

My Time With Emblem3!

Hi guys! I had the pleasure of spending the past few days doing merchandise on the #Bandlife tour with Emblem3, MKTO, and Jackson Guthy.  I didn't know…
jacklynnn Feb 17, 2014


I had the opportunity of seeing the Neon Lights tour last night in Glendale, AZ. The tour consisted of Demi Lovato and openers Fifth Harmony…
yajairamartinez Feb 16, 2014

YouTube Wednesday: Lexxi Saal, the girl with the big voice, and an even bigger heart!!!

nbsp;      Hello people of the internet!!! In Today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’, I will introduce you to an extremely talented young performer who is not only an amazing…
celindareyes Feb 07, 2014