We The Kings

Concert of the Week: Vans Warped Tour

This was my first year attending the Vans Warped Tour and man, am I sorry about that! I wish I had been going for my…
Caitlyn Griffin
Caitlyn Griffin Aug 02, 2014

What's That Line?

Alright, guys. You can be honest with me. Raise your hand, if you ever misheard lyrics. Maybe to the point that it completely changed the…

Vans Warped Tour 2014

Yesterday was the day I went to Warped Tour for the 4th year( i think) and let me tell you it was honestly the best…
reallygreg Jul 07, 2014

Artist of the Month: We The Kings

Happy July! It's time to announce this month's artist of the month: We The Kings! We The Kings are taking the world by strom, one vlog at…

Vans Warped Tour Rules????

This year Vans Warped Tour did some saftey steps to make sure fans know what it is up.  After last years incident of a girl getting…
reallygreg Jun 27, 2014

Warped Tour Playlist!

It was impossible for me to get the Warped Tour in the USA this year, between living in the wilds of Wales and not being…
thelifeofelfie Jun 18, 2014

8 Songs Gender-Bended.

Did you ever wonder what Hayley Williams would sound like, if she was male? Or what their songs would sound like, if We The Kings…

10 Songs That I Will Never Stop Listening To EVER!

Okay, confession! Now we all know that we have songs on our iPod that are our most favorites, thats a given. But do you have…
Chloe Skowron
Chloe Skowron Jun 02, 2014
Slam Dunk 2014vid

Slam Dunk 2014

At the weekend we made our annual trip to Leeds for Slam Dunk Festival. Check out our video for everything from We The Kings clips…
Emma vs Lucy
Emma vs Lucy May 29, 2014