People LOVE Pizza: 40 Cheesy Pizza Tattoos

Who doesn’t love pizza?! The cheesy gooey loveliness brings happiness to everyone. We’d be fine with eating pizza every single day, but some people have taken their love for pizza to the next level by inking their devotion to the best kind of comfort food on their body! Take look through the gallery above filled with… More »

Hot Or Not? Jared Leto’s “Weird But Comfy” Fashion Statement

Jared Leto can literally do no wrong. Even when he wears a Hawaiian shirt, thai boxing shorts, galaxy leggings and a scarf…I’m still in love.

The 42-year-old posted this pic to his Instagram yesterday…

This Week In Weirdness: WTF Is Lady Gaga Wearing

*Update 3/30/2014 Last night Gaga stepped out wearing this GIANT purple flowered headdress…someone explain! We all know Gaga is all about being different, unique, and expressing yourself, etc. If you ask me I think her fashion is getting weirder and weirder by the day. When I saw what she wore to the Roseland Theater in… More »

EXCLUSIVE: Driver Friendly’s Weirdest Tour Find Revealed!

Austin, TX has a motto, “Keep Austin Weird” and when Buzznet was hanging there at SXSW, we heard a lot of pretty crazy stories from bands and fans alike! One of our…

32 Of The Funniest Britney Spears Faces Ever

Britney Spears isn’t known only for her talent and her smash hits, but also for her funniest faces ever, probably only Nicki Minaj could beat her. Every time I see a funny Brit’s face I start to laugh a lot and I can’t stop. She’s the reason why I smile and I wanna thank her… More »

Strange Talk: What Makes You Strange?

This week, I want us to dive in to what makes us strange. Don’t sit there and act like you’re 100% normal because you know that’s a…

Excuse Me!? Ke$ha Has A Pretty Weird Jewelry Line

Ke$ha is an eccentric gal, so it’s no surprise that her fashion line would follow suit. However, the pieces in her jewelry collection, Kesha Rose, are shocking, even for her! The line features a

Pucker Up: Lipstick Art

So I came across some lipstick art on Tumblr (obv) the other day. At first I was like ‘omg so cute’ and then the more I looked at them I was like ‘wait these are kinda weird‘? Now, I doubt people are doing their lips like this to go out in public but who knows… More »

Amanda Bynes Owns Up To Eating Disorder And Demands We Only Use TwitPics

Oh our poor dear sweet Amanda. Every day when we log into Twitter we can expect something new and worse from our…

Amanda Bynes Is Clearly Going Insane and Wants To Weigh 100 Pounds

In case you’ve been living in a hole or just living a normal life without constant updates from a former Nickelodeon star, just to let you know…

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