10 Essential Singles For September

This fall, tons of artists are releasing brand new material. That means its time to update your music libraries, and get hip to the new…
cerisenicole Sep 25, 2014

25 Albums To Watch For This Fall

I'm always looking for new music, and luckily this fall is going to be HUGE for a bunch of my favorite bands. Lots of awesome…
cerisenicole Sep 17, 2014

NEW: Cover Art Released for Weezer's Upcoming Album!

nbsp;After a four year hiatus from new music, Weezer is due to release a new album sometime soon and they've just released the cover art!…
franki teevan
franki teevan Jul 02, 2014

Music Monday: 2009 Throwback Edition!

First off, an apology: I have neglected my Buzznet blog for a couple of months now. At the start of the year I pledged to…
rachii Jun 23, 2014