The Ultimate Halloween Candy Poll

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It doesn't get much better than dressing up in costume and consuming an insane amount of candy! Halloween candy is my absolute favorite…
Callina Marie
Callina Marie 15 hrs ago

Teen Choice Awards 2014: Who Has The Best Smile?

It's a no brainer that these stars brighten up our lives with their infectious and beautiful smiles, but which one will win the award for…
Miliband is not fit for No 10, say most voterspic

Miliband is not fit for No 10, say most voters

vao trang Fewer than a fifth of voters see Ed Miliband as a prime minister in waiting, according to a new poll for The Times. Only…
hangpham May 06, 2014

Bookmarking service

The social bookmarking service is of nice significance since it enables you to work together with friends or promote enterprise ideas to people through the…
protectiveeyesi58 May 05, 2014